by Oliahs Fall

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This album was recorded in the bathroom of my apartment, on my friend Sky's 4-track, in December 2005. The album was mastered by Andrew Luckless of Luckless-Studio in Belfast, Maine. Sky and my other friend Tim accompanied me on "Gender-Rebel" and "Knock it Down." Sky was the hand-clapping/door-knocker, who got so enthusiastic about knocking, that his knuckles started to bleed after a few takes. Tim played an odd assortment of drums he brought over and also played banjo for "the love we left in Madison." These two are an invaluable part of this project. Thank you Tim & Sky so very much. Also, innumerable thanks to Andrew for making time to produce this album on the side of being a full-time father to baby Rex (named after T. Rex--the glam-rock band). Andrew also did the jaw harp for "the Toad in the Road." Thank you Jordan for helping me burn cds and all your support.

Thank you to my mother, to whom I dedicate this album, for being strong through serious hardships. and thank you to my father for his love of music, and for giving me his banjo. Thank to all my family, and friends, and comrades for your encouragement, inspiration, etc.

Please help out in the struggle for a socially wise and healthy world, in which we relate to one another and the earth in more sincere, conscious, and ultimately symbiotic ways.

- December 19, 2005 Belfast, Maine


released December 19, 2005

Oliahs Fall--vocals, guitar, banjo, percussion
Sky Hall--back up vocals, percussion
Tim Semler--back up vocals, percussion, banjo
Andrew Luckless--jaw harp



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Oliahs Fall Portland, Maine

Oliahs Fall aka "Oliah" is a glam/punk influenced folk- musician from near Portland Maine, and also the "gold country" California.

Among her influences are David Bowie, John Lennon, Roscoe Holcomb, T. Rex, Woodie Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, The Velvet Underground, Phil Ochs, and the Clash.
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Track Name: the skeleton song
The skeleton buried under the ground
dug himself out and he walked into town
he said, "I'm not done yet, I want some more air,"
And he sang and he danced while the people just stared

and he said to the people standing on the street
break away from you television screens
climb out of your cars and your shopping mall graves
cause life's not long enough to waste one single day.

He said, "Why do you live in coffins, when you can spend eternity there?
he said you might as well switch places with me, cause I'd much rather be dancing about in this air."

The skeleton buried under the ground
dug himself out and he walked into town
he said, "I'm not done yet, I want some more air,"
And he sand and he danced while the people just stared.

and as the sun shone on the skeleton's bones
he said, "Oh my God well I think I've come home,"
And he said
It's time to refuse to live in a grave
Time to refuse to live in a grave
he said as he sang and he danced in the sun
Time to refuse to live
in a grave.
Track Name: the love we left in Madison
Do you remember the night when we met half way across town?
So cold we could see our breaths
and the ice-covered ground
Thru the freezing city darkness, we'd walked all that way
for a moment to feel
the warmth of an embrace.

And while the city slept
we were dancing,
And while the city slept
we were laughing.

And those were the moments that offered some relief
from the routine day jobs and the sterile concrete
to look into your eyes and see something real
to hold on to living
to feel.

And while the city slept
we were dancing....